Tonight: Play with tech and getgeeked at Brooklyn Expo Center - Brooklyn


Oct. 15, 2015 7:29 am

Tonight: Play with tech and getgeeked at Brooklyn Expo Center

Be at the Brooklyn Expo Center Thursday night to play with new tech from 45 consumer brands, including Lenovo, HP, JVC, SanDisk and more.

Last year's getgeeked attendees.

(Courtesy photo)

Go play with apps, games, robots and other technology.

getgeeked New York, the consumer electronics event that gives gadget nerds the chance to see brand-new gear from 45 companies is returning to New York Thursday night. This time it’s in Brooklyn.

Unlike other product shows, this one is built for consumers and it’s free and open to the public. It’s happening at the Brooklyn Expo Center at 7:30 p.m. — drop by after our own happy-hour meetup!


Sponsors include major brands like Lenovo, HP, JVC and Slingbox as well as awesome startups like iFit, Bevy, VidMob, BeON Home, Leeo and lots more. You can see the list of participating companies here.

There are conference sessions and tons of chances to win free stuff. According to the show’s producer, there’s over $10,000 worth of products up for grabs in the event’s various contests, but you have to be there to enter.

If you want to get your geek on, win gear and get a head start on your holiday shopping, then you definitely do not want to miss getgeeked New York.

  • Jimmy Moron

    More free stuff for c00ns. Pathetic.

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