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Aug. 13, 2015 10:34 am

Hey, world leaders: This Brooklyn Twitter bot has some advice for you

World Leader Tips mixes big data, global politics and postmodernism.

A World Leader Tips brochure.

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If the tidal wave of Big Data and our dependence on it to make decisions has you feeling a bit alienated and uneasy about the way of things, this one’s for you.

World Leader Tips is a Twitter bot that reads a massive, mostly unknown, world events database and tweets advice to world leaders about what they ought to be doing.

The project is the work of Brian Clifton, a data journalist living in Brooklyn, and published by the new Downtown Brooklyn-based site Useless Press (tagline: “high quality internet things”).

Under the heading “Foreign and Domestic Policy: AUTOMATED!” Clifton lays out the value proposition.

We expedite your path to teleconferencing bliss by providing personalized suggestions guaranteed to change your behavioral trajectory. Our tips are based on state-of-the-art analyses of your past actions, drawing on real-time data from the GDELT database. Whether your past year has been undistinguished, Nobel-worthy, genocidal, or simply mired in everyday corruption, WLT delivers personalized action-tips straight to your Twitter feed. That’s what makes WLT the foremost service dedicated to the well-being of world leaders, a community which despite its distinguished social media presence, has traditionally been underserved by social media applications.

The entire project is way, way more involved, and you can dive into it here.

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