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Apr. 7, 2015 10:28 am

This ‘pop-up coworking community’ provides 3-hour childcare, coffee

Workaround gives parents time to focus.

The son of Workaround cofounder Selena Beal shows off the product of his coworking session.

(Photo courtesy of Selena Beal)

Two entrepreneurial moms, Selena Beal and Amy Butterworth, are getting in on the coworking buzz but not with a new space so much as a coworking service, called Workaround. That service? Babysitting.

It’s a little more complicated than that, though, in order to really deliver a true coworking product. The team organizes time in spaces around Brooklyn where parents can drop off their kids with caregivers and get straight to work. It’s not a daycare service, though, as parents are required to stick around. That said, kids and grownups are kept separate, though the parents are welcome to go see their children in the play area.

Right now, the team is hosting sessions during the off hours at local bars (that have been carefully vetted for cleanliness and safety). In an email to, Beal wrote, “We do eventually want to move into our own space, but at the same time we love what we’re doing now, acting as a ‘roving’ or pop-up coworking community.”

Kids get healthy snacks for the whole three-hour session. Parents get coffee, tea, WiFi and face time with peers. Not too many peers, though. The sessions are limited so that there’s a 3:1 caregiver to kid ratio. Your first session is free.

Workaround isn’t the only parent-oriented new venture we’ve seen out of Brooklyn. IR Media Ventures launched Fatherly last year, a dad-oriented publishing site.

(h/t The Red Tricycle)

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