Check out this souped-up music visualizer: superDraw - Brooklyn


Mar. 6, 2015 11:42 am

Check out this souped-up music visualizer: superDraw

Artist Joshue Ott and musician Kenneth Kirschner have teamed up to create a nonrandom “visual instrument.”
A still from a superDraw video made by Joshue Ott and Kenneth Kirschner.

A still from a superDraw video made by Joshue Ott and Kenneth Kirschner.

(Screenshot via Vimeo)

Joshue Ott and Kenneth Kirschner are two members of Eyebeam’s recently announced Spring/Summer 2015 residency program. They were brought in together to work on a shared project.

Kirschner makes music. Ott has made a piece of software called superDraw. The program allows an artist to accompany music with drawing, where the drawn lines animate in ways the artist actually wants.

“In its current iteration, the program is being used as a visual instrument, providing visuals for live music,” Ott writes on the superDraw website.

A lot of programs have been written to respond to music. You might have played around with them in Windows Media Player, once upon a time, like this reporter did. Ott’s software, however, lets a person create something moving and flowing that can be projected along with a musical performance.

It enables the artist to perform live, with the musician.

Here’s a past video of Ott’s superDraw accompanied by one of Kirschner’s recordings.

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