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Feb. 27, 2015 11:58 am

This Chrome extension automatically makes your emails more friendly

Joanne McNeil's “Emotional Labor” saves you the emotional labor of being nice in emails.

This is how works.

(Image courtesy of Joanne McNeil)

Here’s a piece of digital artwork that fits into the very fabric of the internet, rather than using the internet to simply display it.

Somewhat like “Kardashian Krypt,” Eyebeam fellow Joanne McNeil’s piece is also a Chrome plug-in, and it works with your email. It’s called “”

In short, the extension ups the friendliness of any email you choose, automatically. By quite a bit, in fact. So much so that it’s meant to make users think about how much friendliness we jam into our messages, as the artist explains on Medium.

Add the extension

McNeil is currently at work on a book about privacy and internet culture, according to her website.

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