This photocomic is a 'futuristic sci-fi soap opera' [Digital Art Friday] - Brooklyn


Jan. 9, 2015 12:27 pm

This photocomic is a ‘futuristic sci-fi soap opera’ [Digital Art Friday]

A comic in pictures (not drawings) about technology, drugs, the internet and attraction.

A page from "COMPLEX: Love_Underscores_You."

(Photography by Seth Kushner)

Seth Kushner is a local photographer. In fact, he did the photos for a whole book about Brooklyn. Every now and then he does experiments in photocomix — comics whose images are modified photos, not drawings.

The page above is the second page of a heavily digitally-modified series of photos. The brief and very simple story, “Love_Underscores_You,” is a bit of an extrapolation: it imagines today’s technology in some far-out future, starring Chris Miskiewicz and Katelan Foisy. Dean Haspiel also worked on the script. It was meant to be the prologue of a larger project, called COMPLEX.

Read the 8-page comic

All three creators are members of Trip City, the “Brooklyn-filtered literary arts salon” that features writing, art, comics, music and podcasts.

People: Dean Haspiel
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