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Nov. 3, 2014 8:24 am

‘Own up to your failures’ and other tips on hosting diverse tech events

Networking and mentorship, illustrated.

Networking and mentorship, illustrated.

(Drawing by Catt Small, used by permission)

Catt Small has been part of organizing Tech Under 30, Code Liberation and game jams about issues like identity and sex. We recently covered an event she helped put together called Super Love Game Jam.

Her work reflects the idea that the tech scene needs more creative thinking, and the fewer people who are intimidated by the scene the more likely breakthroughs will be. Now she’s offered some tips for organizing inclusive tech events on Model View Culture, the site run by innovation economy critic Shanley Kane.

Small shows her technologist roots as she incorporates the fail better philosophy into her list of tips:

Events won’t always go well, and it’s likely that you’ll make mistakes. Acknowledging this fact will make you a stronger person and a better event organizer. Own up to your failures, learn from them, and make sure they won’t happen again in the future.

The first event I organized wasn’t that great, and neither was my first teaching experience. I have a fear of public speaking and rampant Impostor Syndrome. Despite those impediments, I continued because regret for inactivity is stronger than any other kind.

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