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Sep. 26, 2014 12:14 pm

Help fund (a film about) a moon shot: Sky Line [crowdfunding]

"Sky Line" is about the once quixotic, now maybe real quest to make an elevator into outer space.

Space elevator conceptual drawing.

(Image courtesy of LiftPort Group)

Space elevators are exactly what they sound like: machines that can carry people and objects out to space. Mechanically. Slowly.

The basic concept is credited to a Russian thinker from 1895, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who thought a literal tower could be built to the stars. What could go wrong?

But lately, some engineers have been working to make this idea a reality.

The new approach uses nanotubes as a tether to a geostationary satellite, and Brooklyn filmmakers Going Up! Films are crowdfunding a movie about it, called Sky Line.

A pledge of $25 gets you a digital download of the film.

Support by Oct. 16

A literal string from earth to space would dramatically decrease the energy needed to reach space, which would allow more people and stuff to get up there, which would make traveling to space less costly and difficult.

The team needs funding to pay for licensed footage, motion graphics and post-production. It sounds like the project is pretty far along.

From the Kickstarter page:

For the past several years, the SKY LINE team has been following the space elevator community as they pursue a seemingly impossible vision. From attending various scientific gatherings, to covering NASA’s high-stakes Space Elevator Games, we got to know the major players and watch their successes and struggles, both personal and professional.  As we wrap up filming and head into post-production, we’re asking for your help with finishing funds, so we can bring this fascinating story to life.

The idea was popularized in Arthur C. Clarke’s 1979 novel The Fountains of Paradise.


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