Digital Art Friday: Kyle McDonald, 'Serendipity,' at Spotify - Brooklyn


Sep. 26, 2014 7:35 am

Digital Art Friday: Kyle McDonald, ‘Serendipity,’ at Spotify

Digital artwork visualizing live data from Spotify — and our glancingly-connected globe.

A screenshot from 'Serendipity.'


Kyle McDonald was the inaugural artist-in-residence at Spotify this year and he made a hypnotizing website.

That’s a screenshot above (and below), but it’s far more interesting live.


Every few seconds, the project shows two cities where two people clicked on the same song at the same time. You get a little clip of the song and a ripple emanating across a map. It’s (nearly) real time. It’s ephemeral. Then, before you know it, the maps zooms over to a new connection. You can get lost in it, in a good way.

McDonald is a member of Dark Matter Manufacturing, a makerspace in Fort Greene.





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