Digital Art Friday: 'Lily pad experiment,' by Manny Tan - Brooklyn

Sep. 5, 2014 9:30 am

Digital Art Friday: ‘Lily pad experiment,’ by Manny Tan

By day, Manny Tan is MakerBot's director of consumer UX. By night, he does 3D modeling experiments for fun.
Playing around with Manny Tan’s “Lily pad experiment.”

Playing around with Manny Tan's "Lily pad experiment."

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We met Manny Tan when he presented on MakerBot’s work with mobile apps. He is all about 3D.

In his spare time, Tan experiments with interactive 3D digital artwork, like his Lily pad experiment. Basically, he comes up with a concept for a 3D object that moves in different ways, sets it up and then gives users control over some of the key variables.

Try it out

Tan has done a bunch of these. In ‘Lily pad’ you can see the object from different angles, at different speeds, view only its skeleton, change the colors or even the “noisiness” of the structure.

On his blog, Tan goes into detail about what inspired each experiment, and how each project changed along the way. He also invites the forking of his code.

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