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Why Brooklyn’s tech scene is just so ‘makery’ [Technical.ly Podcast]

The latest edition of the Technical.ly Podcast mixes art with science, tech and engineering.

Digitial artwork by Carla Gannis, at Bushwick Open Studios.

(Photo by Brady Dale)


STEAM is the newish acronym that adds “Arts” to the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math. Creativity is every bit as important as ingenuity. (In fact, they may even be the same thing.)

Kaho Abe told us something at the TWO5SIX festival that bears repeating. We were talking about why the Brooklyn tech scene is just so makery, and she said:

My world overlaps with games and design and technology. There’s a lot of artists here and they work with their hands. Not a lot of places have all that overlap.

So, this latest edition of the Technical.ly Podcast opens with a reporter roundtable on the latest mashups of tech, art and design. (That’s everything from wearables to making music with fruit.)

Then it goes national, with a view from Cincinnati about place in an Internet-connected world. Zan McQuade is a writer for The Daily Dot and the editor of the Cincinnati Anthology who wrote the Medium post, Why Other Cities Matter.

Lastly, we speak with ex-Googler Keith Lea, cofounder and CEO of Wham City Lights, a Baltimore crowdsourced light-show startup. Lea says business and arts really aren’t that different. Also, he’s building an an audio ray gun.

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