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Jun. 6, 2014 9:30 am

5 locals we met at the Makeshift Society Brooklyn’s launch party

A look at Williamsburg's newest coworking space.

Exposed systems in the new Makeshift Society Brooklyn. (Photo by Brady Dale)

We discussed the essence of a tech scene on a past podcast episode, and one of the items on that list was “coworking spaces.” There are lots of people who work from coworking spaces that aren’t necessarily technologists, but these flexible sites remain critical to innovation.

So as a new one with an existing track record expands to Williamsburg (from Silicon Valley), it’s another sign that Brooklyn tech is making itself a bigger footprint.

We took some preview photos in the Makeshift Society Brooklyn space before it opened. Now you can see what it looks like with people in it, with these photos from its grand opening party.

Makeshift Society Brooklyn Launch PartyMarissa Goldstein is a lifelong New Yorker, longtime Williamsburg denizen and former resident of Hope Street. Is it even worth mentioning that it was very different then? It was. She does events for Brooklyn Kickball, but she doesn’t play. She’s also a regular at the Full Circle Bar, one block to the south, which is known for its skeeball lanes, but she doesn’t play.
Makeshift Society Brooklyn Launch PartyGene Monterastelli is a former computer programmer. He told us he actually used to design computer chips. Now, he consults with creatives and freelancers about avoiding self-sabotage and getting the work done they need to get done, even the parts they don’t find comfortable. Think you need his help? Hit him up here. Or, you may see him at Makeshift, as he’s decided to take on one of the occasional-visit membership levels.
Makeshift Society Brooklyn Launch PartySamantha French is a Bushwick painter from Minnesota. She backed the Makeshift Society Kickstarter campaign (which we wrote about here). She’s looking forward to taking some classes at the space. French makes paints and prints, mainly of people swimming in the water. This reporter is no art critic, but these things are like wow.


Makeshift Society Brooklyn Launch PartyJustin Shen spent many of his formative years in Flushing, Queens, where he still lives, though he works by day as a designer at Smart Asset in Manhattan. He backed the Makeshift Society project on Kickstarter, as well. We asked him whether he’s seeing hints of a startup scene there, as we keep hearing hints about it. He said he didn’t see it yet.
Makeshift Society Brooklyn Launch PartyMario Villar Sanjurjo and Emma Hovel are the cofounders of MOOD, a quarterly magazine about music and food. As a two-person team, their roles get a little fuzzy, but Sanjurjo is more editorial and Hovel is more art. They recently released their fourth issue of the magazine, which started in Brussels. They arrived here in January.

MOOD has thus far been strictly print, but an iOS app is coming. They told Technically Brooklyn that they honestly haven’t talked about that anywhere else yet. You heard it here first. Release date is unclear.

Missed the party but want to check out the space? Take Design*Sponge‘s workshop on social media tips for your blog on June 19.

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