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May 1, 2014 10:45 am

Makeshift Society: new flexible Williamsburg coworking opens

A new coworking space is coming to Williamsburg, with the most flexible membership structure we've seen for spaces in the borough.

Rena Tom and Bryan Boyer, cofounders of Makeshift Society Brooklyn.

Photo by Brady Dale.

You’ve heard about this new coworking space opening in Williamsburg, The Makeshift Society, including their Kickstarter for a tools library. Cofounders Rena Tom and Bryan Boyer showed off the new space on Tuesday before its official opening today.

This space is a second space for the company, which opened its first in San Francisco.

One big difference between the Makeshift Society and other coworking spaces around the city is that it has very flexible memberships. A “Supporter” can pay $100 per year and get discounts on day passes and classes without any time in the space. A “Salon” member gets to use any of the undesignated desks for one day per month. Then they have more committed memberships up from there.

Most coworking spaces that we’ve observed require some sort of full-time or nearly full time commitment.

Boyer told us that he anticipates their community to be made up of lots of individual creatives. In San Francisco, their largest group is photographers who spend most of their time shooting but need space a few days per month for administrative work, production and etc.

Boyer’s firm, Dash Marshall, designed the interior space. The dedicated desks are in the downstairs, and they decided to go with an open studio space because they believed that was what the sort of members they hope to bring on will be looking for.

We took some photos for you to check out, below, and plan to report back after a coworking day there soon.

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Brady Dale

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