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$250K for a “simple” iOS app is not unusual: Small Planet

Small Planet addressed costs to bring in an agency to build an app in a post on their blog, detailing many points that many firms seeking an app builder might not have thought of. If your company has been thinking of contracting out the building of an app, you should probably read the whole post.

Here’s some takeaways:

  • $250K for an iOS app is a normal price, beginning to end. Android tends to be more.
  • 18 weeks is a fairly normal timeframe, from beginning work to closing the sale.
  • Many clients think they just need a developer, but strategy and design come before development and testing comes after. All are important.

As we discussed recently on our podcast, in fact, it seems like more and more apps are competing less on code and more on design. Who can help people find what they need the fastest or make the best info the most quickly digestible?

The Dumbo firm just turned five, and celebrated with a website redesign.

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