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Mar. 13, 2014 10:45 am

MadeClose: find products made nearby and their stories

Consumers are more likely to buy when they know the story behind the product. Enter: MadeClose
By the ShanManClayCo.

By the ShanManClayCo.

From the MadeClose Instagram.

People are more likely to buy if they know a product’s story. That’s why winemakers burn so many hours every summer walking people through their vineyards. Storytelling is good business.

Madeclose is taking a similar approach to makers as Fiercely Curious is taking to artists: both sites are lining up sales by focusing on the narrative.

While MadeClose is not limiting their coverage geographically, the site is going out of its way to help potential buyers understand what goes into the creation of all kinds of products, whether the maker is using new or old ways of making.

To that end, there’s both a directory of makers and an e-magazine. Check out the latest issue to see why the Madeclose team sees the County of Kings as the most makery of places.

We found MadeClose via Flight 28 of the 3460 Miles newsletter.

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