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Sep. 24, 2019 9:47 am

This Week in Jobs: Intergalactic Edition

These jobs are out of this world.

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TWIJ, For One, Welcomes Our New Alien Overlords

If you picked ‘90s pop-punk, the United States Navy and UFOs on your news-bingo card, you’re this week’s winner! The Navy confirmed this week that apparent fighter jet footage of, ahem, “unidentified aerial phenomena” — made public by (yes, really) former Blink-182 guitarist and “Aliens Exist” truther Tom DeLonge — is in fact authentic and shouldn’t have been made public. The videos have caused a considerable stir, especially after their existence made the front page of The New York Times. Somehow, apparent evidence that aliens have visited Earth isn’t leading the news cycle, but your friends at TWIJ are ever here to make sure you land that galactically vital, entirely non-expendable job for whenever the aliens finally make first contact.


The News

We’ve all been there: You take your yacht out for a day of cruising the Chesapeake Bay, you get a hankering for crab cakes and Old Bay, but lo and behold, there’s nowhere to moor your ship. Now, there’s Snag-a-Slip, a same-day reservation service for boat slips that recently bought Slipsure. The move is expected to accelerate the Annapolis-based start-up’s development — meaning, just four years after launch, it’s full steam ahead.

Baltimore’s startup community now has a new champion: “Between Two Founders” has launched a video series highlighting the hustlers working to remake any number of sectors — and, not least, help boost the local economy. The first episode features Dr. Mark Olcott, the founder of VitusVet, a Canton-based startup that’s developed a first-of-its kind platform for veterinary practices, offering everything from communications to performance metrics, prescription refill requests, to health records. Now that’s an idea that TWIJ fur-vently supports.

The Jobs


  • Viget is hiring a Product Designer. Extra points if you like to share your thoughts: The company makes it a point to share its opinions and methods between projects.
  • Booz Allen is seeking a Cybersecurity Controls Assessor. The position is also available for remote delivery.
  • The Knot Worldwide is looking to add a Learning and Development Manager to run their internal employee education program.



  • Talk about an unforgettable opportunity: Polarity, which is developing human memory augmentation software, is seeking a DevOps Engineer. The position is available in Arlington, D.C., or remote.
  • Modio Health in Virginia Beach is hiring a Customer Success Associate.
  • Cstraight Media, a self-described “awesome” full-service digital agency, is looking for a Digital Strategist in Reston.
  • For you problem-solvers: MGM Technology Partners in Alexandria is hiring a Junior Quality Engineer to help find and fix problems in code.


The End

The supposed “raid on Area 51” to “see them aliens” may have been an abject failure. But keep your head up and keep reaching for the stars, because as TWIJ poet laureate Pitbull put it, even “if you don’t grab them, at least you’ll fall on top of the world.” Unless of course you’ve escaped Earth’s gravitational field, in which case you’re on your own!

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