CLLCTIVLY is powering a day of giving for Black-led orgs in the Baltimore area - Baltimore


CLLCTIVLY is powering a day of giving for Black-led orgs in the Baltimore area

CLLCTIVGIVE, a 24-hour campaign where the community can support Black-led organizations working for social change in a central place, is happening Thursday, Aug. 22.

CLLCTIVGIVE is Aug. 22, 2019.

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Think of it as a localized, community-focused version of Giving Tuesday.

On Thursday, Aug. 22, Baltimore’s CLLCTIVLY is providing a platform to raise money for Black-led community organizations in the Greater Baltimore area.

The day of giving, called CLLCTIVGIVE, will offer a central crowdfunding platform for the organizations working for social change. Donations will be accepted through, where org leaders can create their own page and set a goal for fundraising. Teams can also sign up to give together through peer-to-peer features.

CLLCTIVLY founder Jamye Wooten said the 24-hour campaign is aiming to raise a total of $100,000. He said small donations can make a big difference, as another goal is to attract 10,000 donors at $10 each.

‘Truthfully, each of us is a philanthropist in our own right. It’s not about the amount. When we support one another, our communities are stronger,” Wooten said in a statement.

As of Friday afternoon, CLLCTIVLY was still accepting organizations onto the platform. Wooten said there will be prizes given throughout the 22nd, with orgs that raise the most money in specific hour timeframes earning additional funds.

The daylong event is part of CLLCTIVLY’s work to connect and be a resource for Black-led organizations working for social change and arrives during Black Philanthropy Month. With stats showing that 95% of philanthropic funding goes to white-led orgs, and less than 2% goes to Black-led orgs, CLLCTLVY wants to shine a light on the grassroots groups working locally, and help to provide resources that can lead to sustainability.

The effort to provide funding goes beyond a single day. CLLCTIVLY launched in January as it began building an asset map of Black-led orgs. It’s also providing funding through a monthly microgrant program that allows users to vote on who should receive funding — all for the sake of creating exposure and support.


“Even if you do not win, through the voting process so many people have become aware of organizations that they didn’t know existed prior to CLLCTIVLY,” Wooten said during an interview Friday.

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