Esports fans: Here's where to watch this weekend's Dota 2 finals in Baltimore - Baltimore


Aug. 23, 2018 11:50 am

Esports fans: Here’s where to watch this weekend’s Dota 2 finals in Baltimore

Myth and Moonshine in Canton is hosting a watch party for The International 8 on Saturday, August 25. With esports growing, it's a chance for a communal event.
Esports is filling arenas.

Esports is filling arenas.

(Photo by Flickr user Jakob Wells, used under a Creative Commons license)

The esports world is gearing up for a worldwide event this weekend. The International 8 will crown the champion of the pro circuit for Dota 2, with a $25 million prize pool up for grabs.

Like with many sports, fans are gathering to watch esports, in which players compete live in multiplayer video games. Dota 2, which is known as a a multiplayer online battle arena game or MOBA, is a title of choice for many. The finals themselves are taking place at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.

In Baltimore, Myth and Moonshine will play host to a watch event on Saturday, August 25. Starting at 3 p.m., the Canton pub will have a pair of projectors streaming the lower bracket finals and grand finals, said organizer Sean Sutherland.


Valve Corporation, which is the publisher of Dota 2 and overall organizer of the International 8, partners with an esports group called Barcraft to organize more than 300 such “pubstomp” viewing parties.

Sutherland said it’s the fourth year he’s organized the local event. So far, it topped out at 105 attendees in the second year. There’s a core group of fans that look to bring newcomers into the fold, and they’ve shown willingness to travel.

“The second year we actually had someone come down from Rhode Island as we were the closest venue to him; after the internet failed at the venue, we actually used his unlimited data to stream the final game of the Grand Finals,” Sutherland said via email.


Sutherland credited Myth and Moonshine for being willing to host the private event that gives fans a chance to get together. Head Chef Kevin Cauthorne has taken to it, saying that the draw of past DOTA 2 events “proves it makes sense from a business perspective.” The pub serves locally sourced food, craft beer and cocktails, and it will also have specials for the event.

“I envision Myth and Moonshine becoming the premiere venue in Baltimore for not just the DOTA 2 Championships, but any esports tourneys that people want to watch out with friends,” Cauthorne said.


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