The Park School is having a tech fest, organized by sophomore Bella Palumbi - Baltimore


Nov. 8, 2017 12:33 pm

The Park School is having a tech fest, organized by sophomore Bella Palumbi

The Nov. 11 event has workshops and a hackathon. It's open to students from across the city.

"Just try it, put yourself out there and it will probably turn out pretty good," says Bella Palumbi.

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Outside of school, Bella Palumbi is known as a winner and organizer of hackathons, as well as a Baltimore Innovation Award nomineeShe even got a shoutout from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

Now the high school sophomore is ready to help her classmates and students from across Baltimore get exposed to the technology she loves.

Palumbi is spearheading this weekend’s Park Tech Fest at the Park School of Baltimore. The Nov. 11 event will feature a full day of workshops, as well as a hackathon. She’s been working with faculty members to plan the event.

“I want to show people what you can do with technology, and that it’s really very accessible,” she said.

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The school already has tools such as a lasercutter and 3D printer, and Palumbi said she wanted to offer a look at those tools.

“Sometimes it doesn’t cross the mind of people that they can design something and 3D print it from the ground up,” she said.

She’s also looking to introduce some of the things she’s seen around Baltimore’s tech community. Global Air Media will be onhand for one workshop with an intro to drones, and BaltiVirtual is slated to make an appearance to introduce augmented and virtual reality.

The event is designed to show how tech is involved in multiple disciplines. The arts appear prominently, for one. Palumbi is leading a workshop on video editing in iMovie and other workshops include Robot Dance Programming and music production.


At hackathons, she’s seen how people with different skillsets get together on a team tocontribute to one project.

“All of those people with different interests have to work together, and I wanted to encourage that teamwork at Park,” she said.

Stephen Babcock

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