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Jul. 31, 2017 12:45 pm

Nominate the best for the 5th annual Baltimore Innovation Awards

Here's your chance to sound off. Let us know who deserves recognition for outstanding work in Baltimore.

At the 2016 Innovation Awards winners took on-stage selfies.

(Photo by Stephen Babcock)

It’s that time of year again! Planning has begun for Baltimore Innovation Week 2017, which means our annual Innovation Awards. Check out the 2016 winners here.

We’ve refined some of the award categories that you can see below. Fill out our call for nominations survey and let us know who deserve some recognition.

  • Indie Video Game of the Year
  • Tech Mission Org of the Year
  • Dev Product of the Year
  • Design/Dev Firm of the Year
  • Technologist of the Year
  • CTO of the Year
  • Tech Startup of the Year (fewer than 50 employees and under 3 years old)
  • Growth Tech Company of the Year (50+ employees)

Submit your nomination

The last day to nominate someone is Friday, Aug. 11. The final nominees will be announced in mid-August, and the winners will be decided by public votes. Winners will be announced on Friday, Oct. 6, at Mt. Vernon Marketplace for the BIW17 Innovation Celebration.

The 2016 Baltimore Innovation Awards at MICA. (Photo via Twitter)

The 2016 Baltimore Innovation Awards at MICA. (Photo via Twitter)

Plus, we’ve (finally) created some official rules around the awards:


  1. For Open nominations, only a single nomination is necessary to put an entry in the running. (Multiple nominations will not increase the chances of someone being nominated.)
  2. For Public voting, nominees may not offer direct or indirect monetary compensation to encourage voting. Nominees or other groups can offer the chance to win prizes for sharing or supporting but no gift or money can be guaranteed for individual votes.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, sets the preference for no consecutive repeat winners. So winners from one year will not be nominated the following year but would be eligible again a year after. This is to maximize community participation and inclusion.
  4. All decisions are made by organizers and are final.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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