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Jul. 28, 2017 10:31 am

This public speaker wants to help others build a business

#BSNLive begins Saturday, July 29, at Startup Nest. Founder Brian Olds grew the organization to 1,300 members in a year.

Brian Olds founded the Black Speakers Network.

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Brian Olds understands that speaking in public can be hard at first. He knows from experience.

Like a lot of people, the Baltimore native had nerves the first time he spoke. But he was able to overcome them after working at it and joining Toastmasters International. He learned that speakers are “made, not born.”

Olds eventually started speaking on his own, and now works as a diversity consultant and corporate trainer. Last year, he formed the Black Speakers Network to help others find their voice. Through webinars and other online trainings, the group amassed 1,300 members.

“Our mission is to connect, equip and inspire the next generation of Black professional speakers,” he said.

On Saturday, July 29, Olds is kicking off a series of events in various cities under the banner of #BSNLive. The event, which begins at 9 a.m. at Startup Nest, features a group of speakers putting the emphasis on speaking as well as the business aspect of being a professional speaker. Along with having a message and mission, Olds said the group is also emphasizing marketing and monetization.

Along with Olds, speakers include Dipo Adesina of Agro Angels Investments, Edwin Avent of Max Score Credit, Tiffany Bethea of Kingdomboss and Quinn Conyers of The Purse Paparazzi.



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