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Jul. 20, 2017 12:55 pm

Arbit is looking to take social polling beyond its app

The startup received $100K from TEDCO's Seed Investment Fund.

TEDCO's Brian Corbett with Arbit cofounders Alex Bullington and Greg DiNardo.

(Courtesy photo)

The cofounders of social polling app Arbit have been looking to grow users.

The app, which allows users to create polls that allow others to vote on side-by-side pictures, got a boost from backers including pro basketball players Anthony Tolliver, Steve Blake and Caron Butler.

Cofounders Alex Bullington and Greg DiNardo are also attracting attention by working on the business model for the service. While it may seem like common sense to develop a business model to keep growing, social-focused startups are notorious for growing a user base, and worrying about business later.

The app continues in its current form. But since graduating the three-month Accelerate Baltimore in April, Bullington said Arbit has been focusing on, “How can we monetize Arbit today with what we already have?”

The cofounders developed a model in which brands pay to sponsor polls. With the built-in comparisons, there’s a market research aspect to the service.

The startup completed a pilot with three companies, including Hoop Culture, Q4 Sports, and SLKRS. Based on feedback, they are also looking to move beyond the standalone app. The company is developing more sharing capabilities so that polls can be embedded on websites or viewed on different social media channels, Bullington said.

As they look to continue developing the product, they also have some new funding to assist. With the new development, TEDCO invested $100,000 from its Seed Investment Fund. Bullington said Arbit plans to continue piloting the technology this summer.



Stephen Babcock

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