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Jul. 17, 2017 12:27 pm

This startup’s financial planning platform is now an education tool, too

With OnTrajectory, Tyson Koska wanted to make it easier to track complicated projections. Now the startup is looking to help increase financial literacy.
OnTrajectory founder Tyson Koska.

OnTrajectory founder Tyson Koska.

(Courtesy photo)

Two years ago, OnTrajectory launched a platform that helps with financial planning. While it doesn’t leave aside the complex numbers and models that go into the process of projecting savings for retirement and beyond, the Baltimore County-based startup’s tool looks to make the info easier to understand.

In designing the platform, founder Tyson Koska said he looked to make it “as simple as possible, but as flexible and deep as possible.” The software developer was looking for such a platform and couldn’t find one, so he set to building one with a team of four people.

Utilizing visuals, the platform’s graphs allows users to track what their finances will look like into the future. Users can begin by entering answers to four questions on age, income and savings info. While it’s straightforward, Koska said a lot of predictive analysis can be done using that data, and users can add data as they go to get more specific. It has lots of deeper analysis tools on tax contributions as well as simulations based on how decisions play out over time.

Recently, the bootstrapped startup rolled out a new twist on the tool. Along with tracking, the startup already helps folks understand their finances.

With the new product, the focus on financial literacy is front and center as the platform becomes an educational tool. The student offering has pre-built scenarios, offering the ability to learn about the often tricky details that go into savings and retirement planning. Another focus is how small decisions play out over a long period of time. Koska said the tool could be used in educational institutions, public libraries and nonprofits.


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