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Mar. 7, 2017 11:37 am

Pixelligent wins big manufacturing award

The nanocrystal company is picking up a Manufacturing Leadership Award later this year alongside some well-known names (including Under Armour).

Inside Pixelligent's lab space.

(Photo by Stephen Babcock)

Pixelligent will be alongside manufacturing giants at an awards ceremony later this year in California.

The Baltimore company that makes high-index advanced materials using nanocrystals for lighting, device displays and optical components is among the winners of this year’s Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Awards.

Pixelligent won in the “Engineering and Technology Production Leadership” category. The other names are mostly corporations like Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin, Peterbilt Motors and Dow Chemical. Baltimore-based Under Armour is also receiving an award in the category.

The company manufactures tiny nanoparticles that can extract more light from products like LED lighting and OLED displays. In facilities near the border of Baltimore and Dundalk, they’ve been working to refine the process of manufacturing the materials.

The award is specifically for that process. There’s lots of tech innovation coming out in the nanotech world, but Pixelligent CEO Craig Bandes said the award is validation that Pixelligent has developed a manufacturing process that can make their materials more widely produced. The award also allows them to communicate that to the bigger companies, with whom they are in communication.

“It gives us a lot of credibility in the world we play in,” Bandes said.

The awards will be presented at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit, held in June in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Stephen Babcock

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