Sickweather catches buzz at 500 Startups demo day - Baltimore


Feb. 20, 2017 7:58 am

Sickweather catches buzz at 500 Startups demo day

The illness-tracking startup's pitch was one of TechCrunch's favorites at the Silicon Valley accelerator's big event.

Four and a half members of team Sickweather at 500 Startups.

(Photo via Twitter)

Sickweather had a healthy finish to its stint at 500 Startups in Silicon Valley.

CEO Graham Dodge pitched the illness-tracking startup at the seed program’s “Batch 19” demo day last Wednesday.

Along with providing a platform for founding partner (and Johns Hopkins alum) Dave McClure to dress up in Valentine’s Day garb and deliver a message on immigration, the event brings out Silicon Valley tech influencers to check out the startups.

TechCrunch said Sickweather was among their favorite startups from the event.

“What might seem like a hackathon project at first glance has actually become so good that it replaced CDC data for the Weather Channel,” reporter John Mannes wrote.

He’s referring to the ETC-based startup’s deal to power the Weather Company’s cold and flu tracker, which Dodge first announced at Beta City during Baltimore Innovation Week 2016.

Sickweather, which crowdsources info about where people are getting sick based on posts on social media, entered the accelerator looking to focus on its B2B offerings, Dodge told us in November.




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