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Jan. 30, 2017 12:49 pm

This women’s workout set is Under Armour’s first made-in-Baltimore line

The Arris Project is anchored at the UA Lighthouse in Port Covington. Is this sports bra the beginning of a manufacturing revolution?

Kevin Plank speaks outside The UA Lighthouse.

(Photo by Stephen Babcock)

About seven months after opening its new manufacturing innovation center in Port Covington, Under Armour is debuting the first apparel line to be made there.

The sports bra and legging set is called Arris Project, and has a few new features. This being Under Armour, it’s fitting that the first product in a new innovation push is made with a moisture-wicking material that cuts drying time in half. The bra has mesh detailing, and the leggings feature an elastic-free waistband.

Under Armour says that the initial run was 2,000 units at the center, which is called the UA Lighthouse.

The company didn’t release many details on the manufacturing process, but CEO Kevin Plank said last summer that the goal of the 35,000-square-foot facility located in the same building as City Garage is to reinvent the company’s processes.┬áIt has design and manufacturing under one roof, and has tools for 3D printing, imaging and sewing equipment. Plus, robots.

He wants the company to make more products in America, and create jobs here.

Arris Project leggings (courtesy Under Armour)

Arris Project leggings. (Photo courtesy of Under Armour)

Arris Project sports bra (courtesy Under Armour)

Arris Project sports bra. (Photo courtesy of Under Armour)

Arris Project sports bra (courtesy Under Armour)

Arris Project sports bra. (Photo courtesy of Under Armour)


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