Check out Sickweather on a billboard at CES - Baltimore


Jan. 6, 2017 10:06 am

Check out Sickweather on a billboard at CES

The illness-tracking startup grabbed a prime spot in Vegas, but it's not a booth.

Members of the Sickweather team.

(Photo via Facebook)

Most people attending CES are looking to digital displays this week. Sickweather, on the other hand, is on one.

The ETC-based startup’s patented Sickscore, which tells folks their risk for getting a contagious illness, is on a giant billboard in Las Vegas as lots of tech types descend upon the city for the yearly Consumer Electronics Show.

It’s one very visible result of their partnership with The Weather Channel and Theraflu, which integrates Sickweather into’s cold and flu tracker. It’s also a way to stand out at a big conference without a booth.

Stephen Babcock

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