Say hey to Professor Trash Wheel, Mr. Trash Wheel's new BFF - Baltimore


Say hey to Professor Trash Wheel, Mr. Trash Wheel’s new BFF

A second trash wheel is set to starting cleaning Baltimore's harbor on Dec. 4.

Professor Trash Wheel under construction.

(Photo courtesy of the Waterfront Partnership)

Despite the success of Inner Harbor’s trash wheel, the city’s waters remain far from clean. Baltimore burns for more churn.

The Waterfront Partnership answered the call earlier this year, securing more than $550,000 in funding and building a second solar-powered trash-collecting water wheel. The second installment of Clearwater Mills’ invention will sit just off the banks of Canton at the Harris Creek outfall.

The new addition is set to officially arrive on Dec. 4 with an unveiling ceremony.

The original trash wheel became an international sensation, given the utility of cleaning Baltimore’s notoriously dirty harbor at the point where trash empties from the Jones Falls and the promise of the invention being replicated around the world.

A social media campaign developed later gave it the persona Mr. Trash Wheel, opening it up for Reddit AMAs and other appearances.

The second iteration arrives fully formed. Professor Trash Wheel follows in well-tread footsteps when it comes to the art of spreading the green gospel and having a quirky Twitter account. Plus, the fully-piped Harris Creek empties 5,000 pounds of trash into the harbor that needs to be picked up. That should keep the Professor quite busy.

The only question is whether some sort of sibling rivalry will develop, but all public statements point to a healthy relationship between the city’s two foremost trash eaters.


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