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Jan. 14, 2016 9:14 am

Follow Open Works’ progress in Make magazine

Will Holman is chronicling the buildout of the Station North makerspace in a new column.

An Open Works rendering.

(Courtesy image)

Open Works, the massive new makerspace set to come online later this year on Station North’s Greenmount Avenue, is in the phase between groundbreaking and grand opening where all the construction happens.

BARCO Project Coordinator Will Holman is letting the public in on the process with a new column in Make magazine. Over the next nine months, the biweekly column will look into each aspect of the process of bringing the makerspace online. They’ll also update progress on the construction.

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Holman said the column was inspired by a previous Make series called “Making Makerspaces,” which tracked Artisans Asylum in Boston. With Open Works, Holman said there’s a chance to track the full process as construction is happening.

“Theres a great opportunity here since we’re under construction, and have been on this very long development timeline, to take a deeper dive, soup to nuts,” Holman said.

He’ll look to provide info on raising money and finding a site, as well as details like youth education programming and liability insurance. It’s an outgrowth of the open-source nature of the maker movement, Holman said.

“We thought, what’s the point of locking up all our knowledge?” he said.

Mac Maclure, left, and Will Holman inside the future site of Open Works.

Mac Maclure, left, and Will Holman inside the future site of Open Works. (Photo by Jason Tashea)

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