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Oct. 26, 2015 12:04 pm

3 hiring tips from SmartLogic’s Brian Sierakowski

A few pointers from Sierakowski's recent AMA on the Technical.ly Slack.
Brian Sierakowski.

Brian Sierakowski.

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If you’ve tried it, you probably know that technical hiring can be tricky.

Baltimore-based web development firm SmartLogic has gleaned some important lessons from its tech recruiting experiences. Director Brian Sierakowski shared them with us in an AMA on the Technical.ly Slack (join here) on Sept. 30.

Here are three things Sierakowski thinks you should do:

1. Always be hiring. 

“It’s pretty rare that you run into someone at the exact time that they’re looking for a job, especially if they’re really good,” Sierakowski said. “So for us, the door is always open.”

If your company is involved in your local tech community, he advises that you always keep an eye out for talent that might be a good fit for your team.

2. If all else is equal, choose diversity.

In terms of product development, “a different viewpoint is a strategic benefit,” Sierakowski said. He cautions against hiring “too many young straight white dudes” and instead choosing candidates who are different from everyone else in your office if their qualifications meet your needs.

3. Look for candidates who are process-oriented. Also, know coding. 

If you don’t have a tech background but you’re responsible for the tech hiring in your organization , Sierakowski recommends asking candidates about how they approach their work. If you ask them why they made a decision and they can’t justify it, that is a red flag.

“Not sure if this is practical advice,” Sierakowski added, “but if you’re hiring developers you should probably learn how to code.”

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