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Jul. 14, 2015 12:07 pm

This diaper bag is designed to make sure you don’t forget stuff

Baggio, which graduated from AccelerateBaltimore in May, is now looking to raise money via Indiegogo.
Tonika Myers pitches Baggio at AccelerateBaltimore’s 2015 demo day.

Tonika Myers pitches Baggio at AccelerateBaltimore's 2015 demo day.

(Photo by Stephen Babcock)

As parents of three kids, Cory and Tonika Myers know what it’s like to forget things. Their two boys play sports, and, like most parents, they can count a few forgotten shin guards and batting helmets over the years.

But the moment they knew they needed a new solution came when they brought their baby to a wedding. In the rush to get ready, they brought the bag, but left the diapers, wipes and extra clothes all at home. Forced to leave and buy supplies, they missed some of the wedding.

“We knew there had to be a better way,” said Cory Myers, who is an attorney. Tonika Myers, who is a CPA, adds that they’re still on the go. And since becoming entrepreneurs, they’re even busier.

The couple couldn’t find a solution to their bag bind on the market, so they came up with one themselves: Baggio.

During the 13-week term of AccelerateBaltimore, they developed a prototype diaper bag. Sensors in the bag pair with a smartphone app, which communicates whether the bag is missing contents, has a low quantity or has nothing in it. Bluetooth is also embedded, enabling location tracking. In the future, Cory and Tonika Myers expect the technology could also be used for other types of bags like backpacks and athletic bags.

Over the weekend, Baggio launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money that will assist in bringing the product to market.

Support by Aug. 26

The launch party at their Ellicott City home brought together longtime friends, family and supporters from Baltimore’s tech community like ETC President Deb Tillett and Howard County Economic Development Association Communications Director (and former WMAR reporter) Terry Owens.

To promote the Indiegogo campaign, Baggio launched a video produced by Zephan Moses Blaxberg, who works out of ETC’s Highlandtown campus (where AccelerateBaltimore is based).


Such connections helped the cofounders get help with work matters, and, in the case of Tillett, advocacy and support in Baltimore’s tech community.

“Not only has the AccelerateBaltimore financial investment been extremely helpful in the development of the Baggio prototype, but also the program mentors and fellow cohort members have been invaluable sounding boards,” Cory Myers said.

The Baggio founders are also affiliate members of the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship incubator. They credited MCE Director for Entrepreneurship Stewart Gold with helping them develop a market strategy.

“It’s a fantastic network,” Tonika Myers, who is Baggio’s CFO, said of the entire Baltimore-area tech community. “We’ve met a number of contacts that have so far been helpful in developing Baggio and hopefully will continue to be helpful in growing Baggio to the next level.”

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