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Hopkins neuroscientist creates iOS game to help stroke patients

"I Am Dolphin" is now available on the iTunes App Store.

This smiley dolphin is your protagonist in "I Am Dolphin," just released to the App Store.

(Courtesy Max and Haley LLC)

There are no flippers in “I Am Dolphin,” but the playable character looks a lot like Flipper.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine neuroscientist John Krakauer just released the game to the iTunes App Store, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.

As federal grant funding for university research constricts, researchers are looking for new ways to support their work. Krakauer thinks that commercializing his work to be a game people can buy may help.

“The landscape of research is changing; scientists are beginning to realize it makes more sense to collaborate with industry and have a diverse portfolio,” Krakauer said.

The $2.99 game is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Krakauer formed a startup with two Hopkins software architects and a Baltimore artist to release the game, and worked with the National Aquarium to get the aquatic creatures’ movement just right as the dolphins look for dinner, avoid becoming dinner and leap out of the water. Krakauer said he’s hoping to use the game to help stroke patients and bring fun to physical therapy.

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