Gamescape spotlight: Peering into 'Battle Prism' - Baltimore


Jul. 23, 2014 11:29 am

Gamescape spotlight: Peering into ‘Battle Prism’

The 2D brawler made its debut at this year's Gamescape, the area's major gaming confab. Battle Prism's developer says the game will release to the public in the next few months.

Greg Aring of Ellicott City showed off Battle Prism at the Gamescape exhibit during Artscape.

(Photo by Tyler Waldman)

Battle Prism is another game of red vs. blue … or is it blue vs. red?

The game, one of 25 recently on display at this year’s Gamescape, is a strategic battle game that pits players against each other with the ability to change colors, but with the objective to take down other players.

Battle Prism was designed around the 2014 Global Game Jam theme: “We don’t see them as they are, we see them as we are.” The game was an entry into this year’s Game Jam. As a take-off from that theme, players can only interact with blocks of their current color, said Greg Aring, founder of developer Seven Hills Games.

The version of the game at Gamescape — its public debut — supports four-player free for all and two-on-two team combat, as well as capture the flag.

“That’s all we’ve got right now,” said Aring, an Ellicott City resident. “There’s still definitely room for more.”

Gameplay is fairly simple, like a stripped down Halo. Players are armed with a sword to either slash or throw at opponents. The color change option can be used strategically to dodge attacks or drop down on foes. If you opt to throw your sword, your opponent can take a hit by touching it, but you are defenseless until you retrieve the weapon.

Battle Prism

Battle Prism, in action. (Image courtesy of Seven Hills Games)

The game has been in development since late January and is set to release in the “next few months,” Aring said.

Check out screenshots of the game and development updates on Seven Hills Games’ website.

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