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Jul. 18, 2014 10:55 am

NSA names Towson U. a cyber center

Of the 13 NSA cyber centers nationwide, it's the only one in Maryland.

Towson is the first Maryland institution to get the NSA recognition.

(Photo by Flickr user @empty_shelves, used under Creative Commons license)

The National Security Agency has designated Towson University as one of five new National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations, the agency announced in a release.

The designation, which will last at least through 2019, highlights colleges with an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering, according to the release.

All schools had to complete a rigorous application process, one that included legal and ethical issues in cybersecurity.

Steven LaFountain, the dean of NSA’s College of Cyber, said legal and ethical issues in cybersecurity are a mandatory and vital part of becoming a CAE in Cyber Operations.

“In the application process and in all collaboration with selected schools, the importance of integrity and compliance is always paramount,” LaFountain said in the release. “Cybersecurity technical skills are increasingly important in national defense, but it’s equally important to operate within the bounds of the law and Constitution.”

Towson joins New York University, the United States Military Academy (West Point), the University of Cincinnati and the University of New Orleans. Of the 13 NSA cyber centers nationwide, it’s the only one in Maryland, according to a university blog post.

Tyler Waldman

Tyler Waldman is a contributor for Technical.ly Baltimore. A Towson University graduate and former local editor for Patch.com, Tyler has also written and photographed for publications including the Baltimore Brew, Howard County Times and Towson Times. He lives in Charles Village.

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  • 4prongpitchfork

    quote”“Cybersecurity technical skills are increasingly important in national
    defense, but it’s equally important to operate within the bounds of the
    law and Constitution.”unquote

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! “within the bounds of law and Constitution”. right…until they go to work for the NSA under EO12333. And then it’s “we’ll, we said the least untruthful thing we could”…as per aka James the biggest liar on the planet Clapper. These lying schmucks never cease to amaze me. No wonder Senator Church called the NSA ..”the biggest bunch of lying scumbags ever to grace the sidewalks of WDC”, notwithstanding the CIA.

    Meanwhile…the REAL truth comes out of the mouth of a new NSA whistleblower….aka John Napier Tye who says the NSA “violates the Constitution”.

    lying scumbags indeed. Welcome to your new boss you morons.

    • 4prongpitchfork

      Furthermore, after spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS, the NSA can’t name one single REAL “terrorist” act that they have prevented..a fact even a Federal Judge has stated

      quote”Judge Leon courageously ruled in preliminarily enjoining the NSA from continuing to spy on us illegally:”

      “The Government does not cite a single
      instance in which analysis of the NSA’s bulk metadata collection
      actually stopped an imminent attack. …

      “Given the limited record before me at this point in the litigation –
      most notably, the utter lack of evidence that a terrorist attack has
      ever been prevented because searching the NSA database was faster than
      other investigative tactics – I have serious doubts about the efficacy
      of the metadata collection program as a means of conducting
      time-sensitive investigations in cases involving imminent threats of
      terrorism.” unquote
      Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/feds-terrorist-surveillance-fails-again/#bBTAk5jBrtovX0O2.99


      ah…but the NSA analysts do have a field day with peoples explicitly sexual pictures….


      sheeezusHchrist…spare me. If anything, the NSA has now become a haven of voyeuristic porn slathering scum.


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