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Jul. 18, 2014 10:56 am

Bootstrapping and other startup funding options [Links Roundup]

Also, an executive writes on how to encourage innovation among employees.

How to encourage innovation among your employees [Baltimore Business Journal]: “Mention the phrase ‘creativity’ in the context of business organizations and many of us will probably equate it with ‘innovation’ and think about companies like Apple, Google, Xerox or 3M. But organizational creativity is not just about high-profile innovations that lead to industry-disrupting products like iTunes. Nor is it the preserve of the company’s research and development teams. Harnessing employee creativity can be useful even if it is not widely seen by the outside world or results only in incremental changes to the way the organization is run.”

Here are the best financing options for early-stage companies [Baltimore Business Journal]: “Fortunately, there are more financing sources than ever for early-stage technology companies. But identifying the ideal sources of capital for your business can be tricky. Although early-stage companies may view a windfall of venture capital as the grand prize, it’s important that early-stage companies explore other sources of capital until venture capital funding is more likely.”

Did you know: Maryland supports green businesses [MDBIZ News]: “Companies in Maryland’s energy and sustainability sector are experiencing rapid growth. Now totaling roughly 1,300, these businesses pay their employees an average of $71,000 annually, the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) reports. Many of these companies are already taking advantage of special incentives for green business practices.”

Tyler Waldman

Tyler Waldman is a contributor for Baltimore. A Towson University graduate and former local editor for, Tyler has also written and photographed for publications including the Baltimore Brew, Howard County Times and Towson Times. He lives in Charles Village.

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