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Jun. 9, 2014 9:15 am

City College physics class needs new computers [Crowdfunding]

Crowdfunding of the Week is a regular series highlighting technology related crowdfunding campaigns in Baltimore.

The tower at Baltimore City College.

(Photo by Flickr user @oddmenout, used under a Creative Commons license)

Baltimore City College‘s physics class is in need of eight new computers for advanced labs.

The lab is designed for technology integration, but our school budget has been cut and we will start the year with empty labs unless we can find funding for the computers we need,” Michael Cameron, a City College physics teacher and the school’s science department chair, wrote in the post.

The storied high school is located in Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello but serves students from across the city.

The eight HP touchscreen desktops cost $3,116.54. As of Sunday, no donations to the project had yet been made, which is open through Sept. 21.

“My school is a city-wide magnet whose mission is to prepare our students for entry to the most competitive colleges in the world,” wrote Cameron. “We are, however, part of a public school system with chronic underfunding and we need your help.”

Tyler Waldman

Tyler Waldman is a contributor for Baltimore. A Towson University graduate and former local editor for, Tyler has also written and photographed for publications including the Baltimore Brew, Howard County Times and Towson Times. He lives in Charles Village.

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