Maryland a 'great place for edtech startups': Andrew Coy of Digital Harbor Foundation - Baltimore


Apr. 30, 2014 10:15 am

Maryland a ‘great place for edtech startups’: Andrew Coy of Digital Harbor Foundation

Andrew Coy, executive director of the Digital Harbor Foundation.

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It’s considered common knowledge among Baltimore’s startup crowd that education technology is one of the region’s strengths.

Maryland has the key features that make it a great place for ed-tech startups,” said Andrew Coy in an interview with Education Week.

Read the full article at Education Week.

The executive director of the STEM education nonprofit Digital Harbor Foundation, Coy is one of several people in Baltimore city involved in the EdTechMD initiative, a task force of venture capitalists, startup founders and teachers working to fund edtech startups and implement digital tools in Maryland’s classrooms.



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