Beat the Streets: Morgan State University STEM and wrestling camp - Baltimore


Apr. 16, 2014 8:15 am

Beat the Streets: Morgan State University STEM and wrestling camp

Screenshot via Beat the Streets video.

A summer after-school program for students from elementary through high school combines wrestling training with STEM education, tutoring and mentoring.

Called Beat the Streets, the nonprofit program wrapped up its 2014 season wrestling finale in March in a tournament with 163 Baltimore city school student at Digital Harbor High School in Federal Hill. In summer 2013, as the Baltimore Sun reported, Beat the Streets invited an Olympic gold medalist to participate in the program’s STEM and wrestling camp:

[Beat the Streets cofounder Lydell] Henry brought 2012 Olympic gold medalistJordan Burroughs to Baltimore for a 12-day Beat the Streets — Baltimore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) wrestling camp last summer. The free camp at Morgan State included 40 hours of wrestling with Burroughs as a technician, 30 hours of scientific research and 12 hours of math development for 80 kids. Participants stayed overnight at the university, introducing them to dormitory life.

This summer, Beat the Streets is interested in making mobile app development part of its STEM curriculum.

Read more about Beat the Streets at the Baltimore Sun.

Watch a video about Beat the Streets:



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