Red Owl Analytics: no 'better place to start and grow our company' than Baltimore - Baltimore


Apr. 4, 2014 12:07 pm

Red Owl Analytics: no ‘better place to start and grow our company’ than Baltimore

Inside the Federal Hill offices of RedOwl Analytics.

(Photo courtesy of MDBizNews)

For Federal Hill-based cybersecurity and big data startup Red Owl Analytics, there was no contest: Baltimore was the best place to found the company.

Writing in the Huffington Post, cofounder Renny McPherson outlines his five reasons for setting up Red Owl Analytics in Baltimore:

When debating the merits of various cities in which to locate our tech startup two years ago, the biggest question my co-founders and I asked people was, “What makes a particular city a good place to start a tech company with big ambitions?” The answers that resonated most were 1) access to talent; 2) a hub of other tech companies doing innovative work; 3) proximity to bigger tech companies who could be partners; 4) access to investors with vision; and 5) an entrepreneur-friendly local government. After two years here, I can’t imagine a better place to start and grow our company than the one we chose: Baltimore, the Charm City.

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In 2013, Red Owl Analytics was one of the first three winners in the state’s inaugural InvestMaryland Challenge.



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