Municipal broadband 'an idea that should have been discarded years ago': Catherine Pugh - Baltimore


Aug. 27, 2013 12:30 pm

Municipal broadband ‘an idea that should have been discarded years ago’: Catherine Pugh

In a Baltimore Sun op-ed, State Sen. Catherine Pugh calls municipally-owned broadband networks "fanciful boondoggles."

Catherine Pugh taking the oath of office to begin the Maryland General Assembly session in January 2011. Photo courtesy of Pugh's Facebook page.

Baltimore city is now considering options for expanding its pre-existing fiber network. Such consideration is now being amplified following the city hiring broadband consultants Magellan Advisors to “identify costs and risks associated with expanding city broadband infrastructure,” as Technically Baltimore reported.

At least one person doesn’t think municipal broadband is a wise route for Baltimore city: state Sen. Catherine Pugh, who represents District 40 in Baltimore.

Writing in the Baltimore Sun, she said, “local governments continue to flirt with an idea that should have been discarded years ago.” At the end of the op-ed, she calls municipally-owned broadband networks “fanciful boondoggles.”

Read Pugh’s full op-ed here.

Andrew Zaleski

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