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May 30, 2013 10:30 am

Tall Chess: Friends of The Web releases chess app for iOS [VIDEO]

Web development shop Friends of The Web adds chess game to repertoire of apps.

Looking to top its last iOS app with more than 250,000 downloads, four-man web development shop Friends of The Web is back with a new iPhone app: Tall Chess.

Tall-Chess-4-(en)“We were not satisfied with the existing chess apps for the iPhone, so we built our own from the ground up specifically designed for mobile,” said Friends’ Andy Mangold in an e-mail.


The app, which releases today, is free for the iPhone. While Friends of The Web’s main money-making business is through web application design and web development contract work, the four 20-somethings have released several side-project apps, including the app downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, Jittergram, and the Wikipedia mapping and reading tool Wikiweb.

Watch a video preview of Tall Chess:


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