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Dec. 21, 2012 8:30 am

Local photogs drop Instagram // Best open data release of 2012 // Mindgrub’s Catapult giving site makes Bill Gates’ list [Links]

Here is our links roundup of the week of the best local tech stories you need to know

Baltimore photographers drop Instagram amid concerns that photos could appear in ads [Baltimore Sun]: “The changes go into effect in mid-January, the most contentious point being Instagram’s ability to sell users’ photos without informing or paying them. But local freelance photographer J.M. Giordano wasn’t taking any chances. He canceled his account and moved over to a rival service, Flickr, Tuesday.”

Disrupt this: The most misused word in 2012 [Quartz]: “I like to think of disruption as invention—breakthroughs in technology, for example, that may also have the effect of unsettling the existing model, but probably not developed for the sole purpose of raising a round of capital and lining up an eventual exit.”

The Best Open Data Releases of 2012 [Atlantic Cities]: “This map and dataset on Baltimore’s open-data portal identifies the intersection, coordinates and even driving direction (southbound, eastbound, etc.) for all [speed cameras].”

Gateses Suggest 5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Give This Holiday Season [Mashable]: “Catapult: This just-launched crowdfunding site [produced by Mindgrub Technologies in Catonsville] helps organizations raise money for initiatives combating gender inequality.”

DBED’s new chief wants to ‘make a lot of things easier’ for business [Baltimore Business Journal]: “Dominick Murray, who will begin the role in mid-January as secretary of the state’s Department of Business and Economic Development, said he wants to eliminate bureaucracy…”


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