Georgia Guthrie

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Georgia Guthrie is a designer, maker and strategist. In her previous role as executive director of The Hacktory she worked to create opportunities for people of all backgrounds and abilities to creatively tinker and learn about technology. During her time leading The Hacktory she was invited to participate in the Obama Administration's Nation of Makers Summit in 2016 to strengthen and diversify makerspaces. She has presented and written about the gender gap in STEM for Make:Magazine and other publications. Georgia is currently working as a web designer and ecommerce manager for Cardenas Oil and Vinegar Taproom.

Does Philly want to be a community of makers?

Aug. 30, 2017 11:10 am

Does Philly want to be a community of makers?

Maybe not. Georgia Guthrie, the former executive director of The Hacktory, shares her disappointments.