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Reach 150,000 influencers in local innovation communities.

Technically Creative is the sponsored content and advertising arm of the Technically Media news network. Our content studio delivers engaging and authentic sponsored content and display advertising directly to a growing audience of people who care about local impact.

  • Align your brand with trusted editorial: Our sponsored content is written by a curated network of local contributors.
  • Join an organic and impactful story: Our data proves which article archetypes drive the highest reader engagement and community impact.
  • Gain credibility with an engaged audience: Our team collaborates with customers on earning brand recognition.
  • From start to finish: We identify the story, produce the content, distribute it to the right audience and report on the results.
  • We know what works: Our team helps you make important decisions about the story you’re trying to tell. What’s in it for us? Great content for all.
  • Put it on the calendar: This is editorial you can count on. We’ll publish the content timed to your marketing strategy.


  • 1.1 million impressions per month, across web, email and social

  • Mobile is responsible for 35% of traffic across our properties

  • Each month, 150,000 unique readers drive 300,000 pageviews

  • Our content appears in 850k+ individual social feeds per month

  • Women make up 47% of our audience; People of color make up 18%

  • Millennials ages 18-34 make up 60% of our audience

  • 55% of readers are in technical positions. 69% of our readers want to learn about how their city is changing

  • 65% of readers are involved in making buying decisions at work


Dev: The Urban Technologist

I follow because my coworkers and friends are involved, and I find opportunities and new ideas that relate to my work and passions.


Engineers, data scientists, software programmers, mobile developers, hackers and hiring managers

Business: The Connector

I follow to find patterns and to find business opportunities and partners for myself or my network.


Founders, freelancers, economic development leaders, business development strategists, and service providers

Civic: The Liaison

I follow to find opportunities to connect people because technology is making change where I live.


Community managers, marketing and public officials

Creative: The Artist

I follow to be inspired about creative work from other sectors and to follow the latest trends.


Visual artists, designers, creative marketers

Access: The Activist

I follow to find opportunities to make my community better, because tech accelerates change.


Civic hackers, policy wonks, social entrepreneurs and highly civic-minded people


Custom Articles Technically creates the specialized, custom content to connect your brand with the right audience.

Article Units Our story units promote our sponsored content across Technically sites. It’s more enjoyable, more impactful and most importantly, more clickable, than display advertising.

Social Reach Every campaign includes its own social media campaign. Your story reaches thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and in our email newsletters.

Social Boost Enhance the delivery of your sponsored content to specific audiences, based on industry, sector, demographic and much more. Social Boost is proven to grow engagement.

SEO Engine Every organization that publishes with receives a custom Directory page that aggregates news and information, boosting SEO and click-backs to your organization.

Success Strategy Our partners receive an in-house engagement specialist to define outcomes and help you deliver the right message to the right audience.

Insights Partners receive a customized Insights report that details the reach and impact of a campaign.

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