The future of healthcare is here. What technologies will shape it? -


The future of healthcare is here. What technologies will shape it?

For's Tech + Health Month, look out for stories about the digital tools reshaping care and wellness, and what healthcare innovation means for local economies.

In a lab at the University City Science Center.

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The term “life sciences” usually comes up whenever Philadelphia’s innovation economy is discussed.

In the eds-and-meds hub, there’s excitement in the long-term potential of areas like gene and cell therapy. There are enterprising startups and resources in the diagnostics and bioengineering fields. And it doesn’t hurt to have a multi-billion-dollar exit story to tout. It’s not all about the future, though: Recent reports consistently rank Philly among the biggest life sciences markets in America, with some 50,000 people currently employed by life sciences companies in the Philly metro area. The industry is quickly outgrowing its existing lab space, too.

That’s just one case study, though. This sector of the tech industry is present — and growing — in each of’s five markets, from applying AI to healthcare to making CRISPR research accessible to high schoolers. And with the deadliest pandemic in U.S. history still lingering, it’s not hyperbole to say that it’s more important than ever to apply new innovations to old health challenges.


In October, reporters in Philly, Baltimore, DC, Delaware and Pittsburgh will be exploring this and related topics further during our Tech + Health Month 2021. Look for stories on the intersection of technology and health — including life sciences, health IT, medtech, mental health resources and the like.

Some questions we’ll seek to answer: What role are local life sciences and digital health communities playing amid the pandemic? How will technology transformation embraced during the pandemic shape healthcare going forward? What’s the scope and opportunity of our local life science markets? What resources exist to boost healthtech startups? And, what professional opportunities exist at this intersection?

To get a taste, check some recent tech + health stories we’ve covered:

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