Here's a spreadsheet with 700 venture capital firms -


Here’s a spreadsheet with 700 venture capital firms

You'll still want to heavily curate who you'd pitch your company to, but this is a fine research tool.

There's the old way, and then there's the new way

(Photo by Markus Winkler via Unsplash)

If you happen to be building a company that is investable, it helps to know your options.

Venture capital has a reputation for cloistered networks and warm intros. Many are trying to change that. There’s an ever-expanding network of events and sites that list those that invest in private markets.

Some are more complicated than others. This one happens to be a crowdsourced list of nearly 700 active venture capital firms listed by the size and recency of their most active fund.

Check the spreadsheet

This particular spreadsheet is from Shai Goldman, who runs an angel investment syndicate and has previously been associated with 500 Startups and Silicon Valley Bank. As always, remember that not every company is investable and many are not a fit for most venture capital firms. Even if you have a business that warrants investment, most firms are highly specialized. Do your homework. This is a fine start.

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