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Nov. 30, 2020 2:14 pm

What new technologies will shape 2021 and beyond?

For Technology of the Future Month this December, Technical.ly reporters are asking: Of all the changes brought on by 2020, what's going to stick? And will those changes result in a better future for all?
CRISPR research at Delaware’s ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute.

CRISPR research at Delaware's ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute.

(Courtesy photo)

We might look back and say we saw the future in 2020.

The shift to remote work, increased tech adoption and changing societal norms could spell a permanent before-and-after when it comes to the workforce, and COVID-19’s legacy will be one of both blatant inequities and forced ingenuity lasting beyond the emergence of a vaccine.

But of all the changes brought on by 2020, what’s going to stick? And, will those changes result in a better future for all?

In December 2020, Technology of the Future Month, Technical.ly is focusing extra reporting on the following questions: What technologies being developed now will influence how we live our lives and do our jobs in years to come? What infrastructure would be required for these technologies to become a reality? How will 2020’s many challenges impact society for the long term? What do futurists say our collective 2021 looks like? And what role are local universities are playing?

Some themes we might cover this month include 5G, quantum computing, CRISPR gene editing, surveillance tech, next-level AI, robotics, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, wearable tech and climate tech.

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