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8 Brooklyn meetups that will make you a better technologist

Whether you're a dev, data scientist, cybersecurity person or UX fanatic, there's a meetup for you here.

Technical.ly Brooklyn's 2016 Super Meetup.

(Photo by Brian James Kirk)

New York City can be difficult for people new to the city to navigate. Actually, it can be difficult for everyone to navigate. But that’s why there are meetups and people eager to meet others with like interests and geek out over the details of their occupation or hobby.

We’ve found meetups to be a great way to bring people together into a community, which is why we’re hosting a Super Meetup this summer, a meetup of meetups, bringing together groups from around Brooklyn. The free event takes place Aug. 2 at Work & Co. Shout out to Small Planet for supporting Super Meetup.


A lot of people new to Brooklyn don’t know everything that’s going on here, so with that in mind we’ve curated a list of the best technical meetups in the borough.

These don’t include more general interest meetups or meetups focused around lectures, these are for people who want to get down and dirty with the details and ideas of what they’re working on.

Code, Drink, Talk

Members: 775
Organizers: Michael BuellJason McCandlessRobin Camille Davis


“Into tech? Hackery? Data? The open web? UX? Digital ___? Let’s meet over beers to talk about tech projects big and small. Meet new friends and collaborators in an informal setting, and help foster the growing tech community in Bushwick and the surrounding area. Dabblers and experts alike are welcome. This group is open to everybody!”


Members: 2,416
Organizers: Christopher Troy SanchezAnders RamsayEduardo Ortiz

“Brooklyn. User Experience. Happy hour. We meet as often as we can (monthly, give or take) for events (usually involving beer) to bring together awesome people (UXers) to talk about awesome things (nerdery).”

Brooklyn Swift Developers

Members: 1,930
Organizers: Marc BrownJulie Yaunches

“Apple unveiled their new programming language at WWDC that has been secretly in development for 4 years by the guy that created LLVM. It promises to introduce a modern language without sacrificing performance.

This Meetup has 3 goals:

1) Help existing Objective-C developers transition smoothly to Swift
2) Introduce new developers to the world of iOS and OS X development
3) Create a community where iOS and OS X developers can meet and collaborate on projects.”


Members: 876
Organizers: Marco Pariente-CohenSolomon Lederer

“Blockmatics is a consulting and education company that produces interactive, in-depth training programs on blockchain technology, its use cases and implementations. From experimenting with the OpenBazaar bitcoin marketplace to launching a personal blockchain on Microsoft Azure we guide our students through hands on exercises, demonstrations, and facilitate group discussions.

We have been teaching about cryptocurrencies, decentralization and blockchain technology through informal workshops since 2014. Blockmatics grew out of market demand and is focused on furthering the ideas and implementations of decentralized systems.”


Members: 517
Organizers: Andy EschbacherJeff FerzocoStuart Lynn

“CartoCamp consists of two pieces:

• Open office hours: open time to learn a new skill, hack on a new project, collaborate with CARTO’s data science team, or just come in for a coffee to talk maps and analysis <br>

• Themed workshops covering the ecosystem of tools and analysis that are used for mapping on the web. Past workshops have focused on Maps + Charts, SQL and PostGIS from beginner to advanced, API integrations with maps, and election mapping. Future workshops will cover machine learning with spatial data, data science workflows with maps, D3 for maps, and more. We take requests and are open to collaboration too :)”

The Brooklyn iOS Developer Meetup

Members: 2,026
Organizers: Jeff SotoAndrea RaijerNick Lee

“The Brooklyn iOS Developer meetup group is geared primarily towards iOS Developers but anyone is welcome to join. This is not a training event but we do ocasionally have some technical presentations and guest speakers. Use this group to find your iOS coding buddy, learn some tricks, watch super awesome demos and presentations, and network with other developers.”

Huge UX Events

Members: 3,837
Organizers: Huge Events

“Huge Events are open to anyone who has interest in UX, design, agency life and more. Join us for a fun evening of refreshments, networking and talks by design professionals and leaders in the industry.”

OWASP Brooklyn-Cyber Security

Members: 1,406
Organizers: Bev CorwinChristopher FrenzNicole Becher

“The Brooklyn Chapter of the OWASP Foundation.”

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