Tips on Instagram marketing from a social media expert -

Tips on Instagram marketing from a social media expert

Find value by digging into the details of Instagram.

Helene Heath.

(Photo via Twitter)

Instagram has changed our relationship with plenty of things in modern life. Take, for instance, your lunch. Just kidding. This is about marketing and branding.

Companies, especially small companies looking to catch on, are more and more eschewing traditional marketing channels and advertisements and looking to make a name for themselves with clever placement in the posts of people popular on Instagram.

Williamsburg’s Hélène Heath has been working in this space for years (and has an immaculate Instagram herself) with the company Dash Hudson. Recently she wrote a very good piece, 6 Pointers You Need to Know for Influencer Marketing.

One of Heath’s tips is to try getting your product placed in micro-famous Instagrammers. It’s cheaper, and their audiences frequently are paying better attention. This approach seems to have worked for sock startup Ace & Everett, which enlists “urban explorers” to snap death-defying pics of the company’s socks in action.

“Investigate engagement rates,” Heath writes. “So crucial!!! They’re very telling of a user’s influence and whether their audience is real or not. No one likes faux followers ✋.”

Hard agree.

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