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May 18, 2016 9:00 am

6 cities, 3 minutes, countless reasons why tech isn’t just Silicon Valley

Learn a bit about Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta in these 30-second videos produced as part of the Technical.ly-Comcast NBCUniversal Tomorrow Tour.

A big high five to all of our #TMRWTour16 attendees.

(Photo by Kait Privitera/Comcast)

If you’ve been following along, then you already know that in partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal, the team here at Technical.ly recently wrapped up a multi-city event series.

During our Tomorrow Tour, we connected entrepreneurs, technologists, social enterprises, policymakers and new thinkers to uncover and amplify the best innovation and technology stories in these cities of the future.

This was an organic and unique platform to do that, focusing on storytelling and local strengths. After two months, six cities and engagements with nearly 1,000 founders and their supporters, we are gathering everything that we documented and sharing it in an effort to help create stronger cities. 

For each Tomorrow Tour stop, Philadelphia-based Tweed Video created a documentary that showcases each city’s innovation story — you can find those three-minute videos here. They get to the heart of what makes each of these entrepreneurship communities distinct.

But sometimes you just need that shorter sample to get your point across (a good tweetstorm, anyone?). So, to get a taste of how local founders talk about the cities we visited, check out these six 30-second jawns below (and click the city name for the full three-minute video, too).








Do you get why we loved these?

There are so many similarities — and special distinctions. Share them with #TMRWTour16 and tell us what you learned.

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Jeanette Lloyd is Technically Media's Marketing Manager. She focuses on events marketing, audience development and product marketing. Lloyd thrives on making connections that spark. She draws experience from the corporate (Red Bull NA) and nonprofit (Media In Neighborhoods Group) worlds, and has always been involved with innovative, creative endeavors in events, music, performance, cinema and the arts.

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